You’re Thinking About Mulch Wrong

Often overlooked when developing the specs for your property, mulch offers an enormous amount of benefits to your exterior look, but all mulch and applications are not done the same. Mulch deteriorates at an alarming rate every year, and after first installation, it requires yearly top ups and routing ‘fluffing’ to keep it looking fresh and to maintain the benefits of this chippy product throughout the growing season.

In my opinion, Mulch is the absolute best thing you could do for your gardens, hands down. The simple act of placing a wood chip barrier around your plants over the soil tremendously increases the health of your garden. As the bark decomposes, the remnants it leaves add a strong addition of important micro nutrients to your gardens allowing for an organic addition to your soil culture. Additionally, the barrier itself allows the daily watering to work better as properly installed and maintained mulch holds in moisture, saving water costs, and effectiveness.

Let’s talk about the true benefits of these little wood chips in your garden.

It Looks Good!

There’s nothing better than a sharp edge with a fresh layer of mulch to complement your green grass as your clients and customers are walking into your property! Something about this mulch application truly calls professional and thoughtful landscape planning, and the esthetic result is instant, and pleasing.

Saves Tree Barks

As a property manager, you certainly have seen this before; trunk damage due to lawn mowers hitting trees. With a little bit of mulch, and a quick edge around your trees, landscapers will stay far away from your bark, limiting the amount of cambium damage naturally caused by accidental clipping. (NOTE, TCG pays special attention around organic obstacles)

Maintains Moisture

Plants need favorable growing environments to keep their root systems healthy, and in turn, their brilliant leaves bright all season long… but as a property manager, you also need to keep your city water costs low. by adding a simple layer of mulch to your landscape, you decrease your overall water consumption by a major percentage, but more importantly, the water you do use does right to the roots, meaning that it’s more effective and will yield a stronger landscape.

Weed Reduction / Control

Right off the hop, weeds will begin to noticeably dissipate. The presence of mulch suppresses these little nuisances to the point where they’ll have to go find another place to live. by reducing airflow and sunlight, the mulch acts as a barrier and limits the amount of new growth to your gardens.

This is a great addition to your property especially to keep the overall costs of weed control down, but how you add this service to your yearly landscape management plan is what makes the difference between an aesthetically unbelievable landscape, and just another property. Make sure you have a yearly budget allocated to maintenance and topping up of these beds and add it to your RFP’s. Your stakeholders, clients, and your pride of ownership depends on sharp-looking exteriors.

Money Saving Tip: Love the idea of sharp-looking garden beds, but can’t afford to ring every tree? Let’s set a plan where we focus on feature beds! Contact our designers today to get an idea on how to get the best results for an affordable rate.

– Michael Robertson
President, Total Contracting Group (TCG)

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