Commercial Lot Maintenance

It's All About the Curb Appeal

Make Your Property Shine with TCG National

Your exterior look isn’t just the landscape, beds, trees, or bushes, it’s everything outside. The TCG parking lot maintenance program is keeping your lots looking fresh and welcoming.

Often overlooked, the physical condition of the parking lot is all part of the overall look and feel for the curb appeal. Keeping it fresh, clean tidy and maintained is important and reflects what people will notice as they walk into your building.

From line painting, litter, parking lots signs, catch basin repairs, asphalt sealing and alike, the TCG crew knows what it takes to keep the lots looking clean and fresh.

Among the Lot Maintenance Services We Offer Are:

Full Lot Maintenance Service

At TCG National we offer a full Lot Maintenance Service that will help keep your property looking great year-round. On top of the other services listed on this page, we offer services including full lot clean up and garbage/debris pick up.

Power Washing

Over time, flat surfaces like sidewalks get grimy and spotted with discarded gum and other debris. Our pressure washing team are pros at getting the results needed without harming the surface underneath. TCG offers ground crew maintenance services that complement the sweeping. You can trust us to keep your parking lot, walks, and awnings looking great.

Power Sweeping

We offer both a high level of experience and a wide array of sweepers and related support equipment. As a result, we can offer the exact personnel and equipment for your power sweeping needs. Whether you need a one-time property cleanup, or a service that handles all your regular sweeping and property maintenance needs, TCG is the choice for quality & reliability.

Parking Lot Signage

Whether you are designing a new parking lot or redesigning an old one, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost is parking lot safety for pedestrians as well as for vehicles. Parking signs might include speed limits, one-way signs, stop signs, restricted parking signs, handicapped signs, customer parking signs, do-not-enter signs, enter and exit signs, loading signs… the list goes on and on.

At TCG National we stock all parking lot signs and hardware for all your sign needs!