Commercial Snow & Ice Control

Keeping your lots clear, safe and maintained all winter long

You have 7 days to cut grass... But you only have 7 hours to plow snow

With almost 30 years of experience in the landscape maintenance and snow and ice management industries, TCG National Inc. has the expertise and resources required to adapt to the unique and changing needs of our clients.

When the first snowflake of the year drops, it’s all systems go at TCG! 

There is nothing more important to us than the accessibility and safety of your staff, customers, and the general public.

We’ve been in snow removal for almost 30 years and it’s through experience and processes that we are able to guarantee the best possible results in any winter climate.

Our locations and crews are readily equipped with the most state of the art equipment money can buy and through technological advances in weather prediction and planning, we’re locked and loaded far before the storm system is anywhere near your property.

Our crews are working with commercial snow pushers, heavy-duty sidewalk plows, commercial grade blowers and everything in between!

This means that no matter what mother nature brings in the hardest months of the year, our teams are ready to give you a safe commute to work.

Let’s set up a snow action plan today and talk about how important winter access for your property!

Among the Snow & Ice Control Services We Offer Are:

Snow Plowing & Snow Removal

Our professionally trained operators are geared up and ready to clear your lot at the drop of a snowflake! We only operate commercial grade equipment allowing us to clear even the heaviest of snowfalls! From pushing, clearing, blowing and removals, our snow plow teams are covering you all winter long.

Weather Prediction & Crew Planning

To do our jobs right, we need to know when the next system is coming in, so our teams can be ready to jump on the first sight of accumulation. Through predictive planning and pre-salting activities, we’re keeping your lot safe for the moment the first snowflake falls from the sky.

Salting and Ice Prevention

Salt applications on your lot is what is going to keep the patrons safe and free of slip and falls. Naturally, salt is applied after each snowplow, but did you know that even if the snow didn’t fall, there still could be ice hazards on your property? Our teams are routinely spot checking for hazards, and through the weather technology and prediction software, we’re able to best guess when there could be an issue, and preemptively correct it!

Walkway & Emergency Exit Clearing

Most slip and falls happen as soon as you step onto the walkways, and with TCG on your team, you’ll absolutely minimize the liability of foot traffic and slip and falls. Our sidewalk clearing crews are on site manually removing the snow from your walkways and applying a layer of road salt or organic & carpet safe solutions to your lot!